Chilled Water Type

Close control air-conditioning unit
With chilled water
Indoor installation
Capacity from 25,5 to 119,1 kW
UCP-CW Clivet air conditioners are energy efficient modular units, direct
expansion water cooled condensing units complete with precision
They are specialised in climate control for technological areas with a
high thermal load and continuous cycle operation, such as Data Centres,
Telecommunication stations, Laboratories and Processing sites.
The UCP-CW technological solutions include electronically controlled ventilated
sections,heat exchangers to high surface and continuous control of capacity.
They contribute to reducing operational costs and the environmental impact
of the site, thanks to the efficient use of the available energy and simplification
of maintenance operations.


برای دانلود کاتالوگ UCP-CW_SP12D012GB-00 کلیک کنید.

برای دانلود کاتالوگ UCP-CW_TB_BT11N013GB-00(EC1) را کلیک کنید.